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Welcome to East Glasgow History

A site dedicated to preserving the history of the eastern districts of Glasgow, Scotland.

Updated - 1st September, 2010.
Next scheduled update - To be decided

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I don't have the opportunity to update my site as often as I used to.  However, if you have any particular enquiries, I'm more than happy to try to deal with these.


John Robertson has created a display to celebrate the 100th anniversary of what used to be the Telephone Exchange in Cubie Street, Mile End, and is now a Royal Mail delivery office.  If you would like to see this, it can be viewed by members of the public between 9.00am and 1.00pm on Wednesday 1st September, 2010 and Thursday 2nd September, 2010.






Does anyone have any congregational histories of Glasgow churches?  There must the thousands out there.  I've started collecting them to try to preserve them.  If anyone has any, could you please contact me?  My e-mail address is given at the bottom of this page.





Jean Graham has sent the above photo - it shows a Sunday School picnic organised by the now gone Carntyne St. Michael's Church, Edrom Street, Shettleston, c.1959.  Jean's grandmother is in the centre of the group.  Do you recognise anyone?


Does anyone have photographs of Edrom Street in Shettleston from pre-1968?  Pamela Carroll is looking for photos of her birthplace.  Let me know if you can help.  The photo to the left is of the picture house, the Palaceum, which was located in the street.




It has been several years since I wrote some of my own articles for this site.  Father Doherty of St Joachim's RC Church has provided an update following ongoing changes to the church since then, and this can be found under the Churches Section - St Joachim's Revised.





Hopefully, someone may also be able to assist Leslie Durst.  Below is an illustration of a "sampler" which depicts Bridgeton Public School by one Mary Craig and completed in May, 1845.  It's a lovely piece of work and currently belongs to  collector Leslie.  Those of you who lived in Bridgeton prior to 1966 may recall it facing onto the Main Street, located between two tenements - the one to the south housing McKellar's Butchers, the "Wee Royal" and Gizzi's Cafe.  All I can recall to the north was a ladies garment shop!  Those of you who attended John Street Secondary might recall actually having been in the building as it was part of the school, the upper floor being used for art classes.

Leslie is looking for additional information and, hopefully, a photograph or drawing of the building.  So, anyone who can help, Leslie would be grateful if you could write to;


Thanks too, to Tony McCann of Ontario, Canada for his memories of Tollcross;

"This was my first class picture taken about 1950 on the "terrace" of the old Vale of Clyde football-ground. St. Joseph's school, with the parish church on the upper floor, is in the background. Demolished many years ago.

I remember thinking it was normal for everything to be coated in red dust from the Colvilles steel-plant whose slag-tippers would light up the sky at night...

And I remember Sanny's on Causewayside St or Miss Jack`s where we would spend our pennies, or better still, up to Tollcross Road for an ice cream at Capaldi's or Greco's cafe."


I see that Hill & Hay the printer still has copies of my Bridgeton & Dalmarnock book which was reprinted a few years ago.  I have actually reproduced the book here on the site (see Books & Articles) but if you are interested in obtaining a copy here is a link to their website.







I have had quite a few enquiries about family history.  Genealogy is not something I know a great deal about, but am more than happy to include recollections or specific queries in the "Family History" Section.  For further guidance, I have included several links to genealogy sites in "Site Links."




The Tempus publication on Glasgow's eastern districts I worked on last year has been published.  It is called "Glasgow East" and is in paperback, consisting of 128 pages of about 220 captioned illustrations.  The book should be available through most large bookshops in Glasgow or by ordering it directly from the publishers - Tempus Publishing Ltd.  If you have any difficulties in obtaining a copy, contact me. 







Tony Jaconelli (See Books on Sale) has been in touch to let me know that the Shettleston History Group has produced a small booklet - "Personal Memories of Shettleston - Or a View of the Far East (of Glasgow that is)."  For a copy of this, and for details of when and where the group meet, more information is included in the Books on Sale and Site Links sections.




If you have written information you would like to post - contact me for an address.  Any photos you have of social events or of your district would be appreciated too and would be returned after scanning.

Remember to refresh your pages or you may miss any updates.  Check the information section at the bottom of each page; it should indicate the date of the update - if it doesn't, refresh your screen.  For each month's update, have a look at "What's New".  It will provide you with a summary rather than working your way through the entire site.

If you wish to provide any information or even articles for inclusion, have any comments to make, or experience any difficulties in using the site, please let me know me.  Otherwise, I hope you find the site informative and entertaining.

 With best wishes,

Gordon Adams

NOTES: Updated for 1st September, 2010.

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