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Firstly, great site; I particularly enjoyd the pics of Tollcross station. I was born at 41 Easterhill St. where our garden ran up to the railway embankment. I can recall trains stopping there - waving to the crew - and the station itself. Our old house is still there, now a sheltered housing project.

I note that you're looking for snaps and postcards of the area. I've a postcard of Tollcross Main St circa 1924 which shows old-style cottages alongside now familiar tenements; my christening-roll certificate from Tollcross Victoria Church; pics of family wedding in the Co-op halls in the early 1950s and a few other odds and ends. My dad is a great source of information about the area, especially pubs, so if you've any questions I can pass them on.

If you would like to see any of the above, let me know and I can scan and e-mail them. Good luck with the site and the book.

Le dýrachd,


Eddy Cavin

Eddy's Photos:

Margaret Buchan and John Taylor at Budhill Hall, 1949.


Jim & Bessie's Wedding


Tollcross Main Street c.1924


Tollcross coal yard



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