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The following web sites provide additional information about the east end of Glasgow and might be of interest. Please note that no responsibility is accepted for the content or accuracy of these sites.

Gerry Blaikie

An illustrated consideration of traditional architecture and library design, with images of east end libraries amongst others.


Clydebridge Steel Works History

Colin Findlay has contacted me about his site dedicated to a variety of steel works, which include Clydebridge and the Clyde Iron Works.  A good deal of information and photographs are provided.  Well worth a visit:


This site provides an update on developments in the Dennistoun district of the city.


The Presbytery of Glasgow

The Presbytery of Glasgow web site, containing a wealth of information about the Church of Scotland's churches in Glasgow.

A site dedicated to the history of Bridgeton and adjoining areas.


A site that includes both articles and photographs about Baillieston and adjoining areas.


The site of the Glasgow & West of Scotland Family History Society.





A fabulous collection of images from the Mitchell Library collection covering the whole of Glasgow.


This Club was formed in 1900 for all those interested in Glasgow.  Its membership hold meetings throughout the year with talks on various aspects of the city's history.  See the Bits & Pieces Section for information about its Centenary Handbook.


This is the site of "Scotland's Family Tree - a forum for all Scottish family research."  It's a new web site for those interested in their Scottish family roots.


A site dedicated to Scotland's surviving cinemas and theatres.  It includes references to those from Glasgow's east end.


This site, developed by Tom Hamilton, about Baillieston and its locale is highly informative and among other things contains reproductions of several histories of the area.



The Shettleston History Group site is located at;

Alternatively the Chairman's contact details are, Tony Jaconelli at;

The group meets at Shettleston Library & Learning Centre, 154, Wellshot Road, Glasgow, G32 7AX on Wednesday mornings from until noon.


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