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The following additions have been made to the East Glasgow History  web site for;

1st January, 2009

Change to the design and font used.
Completion of Tom Waugh's second Shettleston history.
Decision to exclude comments and enquiries from the site.
Removal of Contributions section due to lack of interest.
Photos of Dalbeth and Easterhill added to Clydeside section of Photos.


1st September, 2008

Section IV : Then and Now added to Tom Waugh's "Shettleston Past and Present.
Information of the Shettleston History Group added to Site Links and Books on Sale sections.


1st July, 2008

Section III - School Groups added to Tom Waugh's "Shettleston Past and Present.


1st May,2008

Photographs of Govancroft Pottery added to Photo Section/Tollcross.
Postcards of Glasgow Cathedral added to Photo Section/Postcards.
Section II - Industry and Trade added to Thomas Waugh's second Shettleston book - "Shettleston Past and Present.
Correction made to Kenmuir & Mount Vernon Church entry - window restoration price - 30,000 to 15,000.
Enquiry about Crawford & Son, tailor at Bridgeton/Calton added to Can You Help section.


1st March, 2008

Tollcross Cemetery and Tollcross Road photos added to Photos Section/Tollcross




NOTES: Updated for 1st July, 2010.

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